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  • 剧情介绍
巢穴2022剧情介绍:巢穴2022是由尼尔·马歇尔执导,夏洛特·柯克,乔纳森·霍华德,吉米·巴姆博,Kibong Tanji,里昂·奥肯登,马克·斯特潘,Hadi Khanjanpour,Troy Alexander,哈里·陶乐西,Mark Arends,Alex Morgan,亚当·邦德,Sarah Lambie等艺人主演的,于2022年上映,该恐怖片讲述的是On her final combat mission across the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, Royal Air Force fighter pilot Lt. Kate Sinclair’s jet is shot down over one of the most dangerous rebel strongholds. When insurgents come after her at the crash site, she finds refuge in a long since abandoned underground bunker. After tracking Sinclair into the depths of the bunker, the insurgents accidentally awaken a man-made deadly biological weapon known as the Ravagers - half human, half alien and hungry for human flesh. Terrified, she watches the creatures rip apart the men pursuing her. Sinclair barely escapes and is picked up by a US army patrol sent to find her. Major Roy Finch, commander of the local US army outpost ‘Fort Apache’, and his ragtag squad of brave soldiers have a difficult time believing mutant monsters have been kept hidden in these mountains. Unaware that she has been tracked to their base, dozens of the vicious creatures are already swarming towards them.(《巢穴2022》恐怖片于2024-07-16 01:18由模特影院收集自网络发布。)


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